Waxing & Electrolysis

V Wax Waxing Treatments

During all our waxing treatments we use VWax, which is the highest grade, vegan wax currently on the market! VWax doesn’t adhere to the skin as does traditional wax which allows us to remove hair quickly & almost painlessly.

VMould – Intimate Wax – £40

Everything off using the unique VMould technique. The full vagina hair is removed, navel line (if needed), labia, around the clitoris, bottom crack and any noticeable hair on the bottom cheeks.

VMould Intimate Wax – Penis, Scrotum & Buttocks – £46

Everything off using the unique VMould technique! A thorough wax that removes every hair from the buttocks, crack, underneath the scrotum, around the scrotum, penis and pubic triangle.

Brazilian Wax – £25

Hair left on the pubic mould and labia, but neatened, tapered in and down to the perinium.

Bikini – £15

Hairs removed on the outside of the knicker line

VMould – Vacial – £41

A skin specialist treatment to target ingrowning hairs & pustules.

Full Leg Wax – £27.50

Half Leg Wax – £19

3/4 Leg Wax – £25

Underarm Wax – £8

Forearm – £16

Back Wax – £23

Chest Wax – £23

Chin Wax -£6.50

Lip Wax – £6

Side of Face – £6.50






Electrolysis is the only medically approved method of removing superfluous facial and body hair permanently, using the ‘Sterex Blend’ method to achieve an excellent result. Sterex disposable needles are used for every treatment session.

¼ hour – £18

½ hour – £33