Ear Piercing

Ear Piercing – using the Inverness Piercing System.

Cost – from £20 for piercing, earrings & aftercare kit

(price depends on earring chosen)

Having your ears pierced at Beauty Lounge means your in a hygienic, caring environment in a private treatment room; rather than on a busy shop floor.
We treat all ages from children who consent to the treatment (no pinning down here) to adults who are wanting first or even multiple piercings. We can also dual pierce. All staff members are fully qualified in ear piercing.

Find out below why our ear piercing is better than traditional gun style piercing systems….

Inverness ear piercing designed a unique, medically hygienic instrument that pierces ears in three simple steps: Cleanse, Mark, Pierce. The Inverness piercing earrings are sterile and fully encapsulated. They also come with an exclusive Inverness Safety Back to provide you with peace of mind and the gentlest experience possible.

Most people report that they feel no discomfort at all when pierced with the Inverness Piercing System. Here’s why:
The hand-pressured instrument is smooth and quiet, unlike loud, spring-loaded piercing guns that “shoot” the earring through the tissue.

The system attaches the exclusive Safety Back in a quick, smooth motion.
The piercing earrings are specially designed with a sharp tip and ultra-thin posts which helps the earring glide straight through the lobe. However, the safety back completely covers the sharp tip for your protection. As a result, there aren’t any risks associated with the sharp tip.